What is a Smart Application?

Applying for jobs can be a lot of work, especially in different countries. We understand this and that is why we have developed our Smart Application service. Smart Application means that you apply once and Careers in Europe does all the work for you. You will apply where you want in different countries for similar jobs. So start your smart application today to increase your chances of work and let our team take care of the rest!

Careers in Europe:

  • Many openings
  • A lot of similar openings
  • Similar openings in different countries
  • Our specialty is profile assessment
  • Custom advise for your CV and application
  • 1-Page CV Creator to make a stunning relevancy CV

What does this mean for you?

  • You apply 1 time
  • Profile assessment
  • You receive an overview of your international possibilities
  • We introduce you for all or specified openings*
  • You receive an overview of your applications
  • Compare countries, offers and you pick the employer that feels best you!

What is your benefit?

  • You can compare offers
  • Pick the job that feels best
  • It feels good to know you have options!

Your chances to find work INCREASE while you apply only ONCE!

Questions? Just ask!

* If you can, we always advise to apply for all possible jobs so you have better chance to compare and see what feels best