Finding a suitable place to live

Accommodation in Ireland is plentiful, do your home work and you will succeed in finding a nice place to live.

For people that start to work in Ireland, in many cases employers provide the first weeks accommodation (always ask your employer about the relocation package). This gives you time to orientate and look for your own place.

Renting an apartment in Ireland

Apartments in Ireland tend to be costly, especially when you rent alone. Live closer to the center of town, you will pay more and vice versa live further outside the center and prices will drop. What many starting expats do in Ireland is start off by sharing a house or apartment. This permits you in most cases also to share the costs of living and this is beneficial to all residents. As a bonus you can then also profit from your roommates experiences.

Rent prices range from € 1000 (studio) to € 1950+ (multiple bedrooms/center) a month. Rent is always excluded utility costs, 1 month deposit is normal as could be 50% broker’s fee (if you use one). We advise people to arrive in Ireland a week before you strat working, so you have time to get settled in. A good place to start looking and get your first ideas is On this (and most other sites) their is a special section for sharing. Another option is to contact colleagues at work or use Ireland expat fora eg. on Facebook.

Tips for renting in Ireland

  • Check the government’s information for tenants
  • Check several places before your decide
  • If any, look past the mess, you can clean this
  • Most houses are offered furnished
  • Be sure to check the electrical wiring is in order to avoid problems later
  • Inform yourself about any type of costs and how to pay them
  • Make sure the owner does not keep a room in your apartment
  • Be sure to ask how and where you need to pay the utility bills
  • Do not accept hind payments left over from previous tenants
  • Inform yourself about the duration of the rent and possible penalty for premature departure
  • In case of a dispute, contact tentant protection in Ireland
  • Ask your landlord assistance to register at your new address

Buying property in Ireland

Buying a property in Ireland is possible. You do not have to be a resident, but then your financing cannot be related to Irish banks. If you do want to buy in Ireland, the Irish government has excellent information on the process. Reading this information does help you to prepare for your purchase. Furthermore it is advised to contact a local real estate agent. A little knowledge of the market always helps.

Houses are availbale in different price categories. Just browse around the internet and you will find examples to give you an idea.

If you have any questions, just send them to