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Translation App

When you work and live in Ireland you can use English everywhere. Irish is a completely different language. Irish is also called Gaelic. The roots can be traced back to the Indo-European languages from where…

Videos about Ireland

Ireland ranks high on the ‘go-to-travel’ list of many people, this is understandable with its beautiful nature and its hospitable inhabitants. Ireland has so much to offer, you forget that it rains sometimes…

Bucket List

Ireland will, not suprisingly, treat you to a stunning surrounding of natural beauty. Outside the cities you will travel through a country with so much green it becomes comforting. We hope when you live in Ireland you will create the possibility to visit some of the regions in Ireland.

Ireland Labour Law

With this article we aim to inform you on the fact that also in Ireland Labour Rights are well implemented. As you can expect a Labour Code and a Labour Inspection are in place. What are your rights? What can you do if you feel…

Relocation Tips to Ireland

Working abroad is fun and you should definitely gain the experience. However there are some things you should take responsibility of to avoid surprises where you land. These are a general tips, each country has its own particularities.